An Incremental Approach

So many talk about retirement as a pipe dream. I once thought that it was a pipe dream. The truth is simple, you will remain poor for as long as you don't believe you can become rich. This article walks through the steps I take to achieve my goals.

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The Companion Pass

Imagine traveling around the world with your wife/husband/best friend and only buying one (fairly cheap) Southwest ticket. You can go anywhere Southwest will take you and never buy a second ticket. A BOGO (buy one get one) from here to Las Angeles. A BOGO from there to D.C.. BOGO from D.C. to home. BOGOs everywhere!... Continue Reading →

My Debt Journey

In the end, I had to make one fundamental change to the way I saw the debt. Originally, I saw it as something that everyone had, a hole that the government was responsible for helping me fill. I had to accept the fact that the reason my wife and I had so much debt was because of our past decisions. It was our responsibility.

Credit Cards

Recently, an Air Force Academy cadet contacted me regarding credit cards. She was curious about which credit cards I use and if she should have a credit card. I will never advise anyone get a credit card without knowing a lot about their financial maturity. Credit cards are far too destructive in the wrong hands.... Continue Reading →

TSP Funds

I get a lot of questions about the different funds in the TSP so let's take a quick look at what the each fun actually represents. Most of the information I'm going to share comes straight from the TSP website, but hopefully I can make it easier to find and understand. Funds L Fund (Lifecycle fund... Continue Reading →

Military Blended Retirement

Official BRS Calculator is live at BRS Calculator. See what it looks like below: I don't know if there is even a need to read my whole post...but it's below regardless. Recently, I read an article entitled, "New Military Retirement Plan – Military Bloggers Discuss The Pros and Cons", about the military’s new blended retirement system... Continue Reading →

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